Many people believe that the history of an organization helps to form and shape its culture.  Others believe that the culture informs the history of organizations.  What are your thoughts?  I look forward to reading them below.

One organization with a long and rich history is the Business and Professional Women’s Club.  On December 13, 1937, the Johnson City Business and Professional Women met at the Hotel John Sevier. Marie Harrison was program chairman for the evening; the topic was “What We Buy and Sell Within the United States.” (Source: Archives of Appalachia, Cox-Painter-Adams Family Papers.)  The Johnson City chapter is sadly no longer in existence;  however, the Business and Professional Women’s Clubs are still active in many areas. 

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“If you practice what you preach, others will soon be preaching what you practice.”  

Rebecca Henderson, MS Author, Serving with Significance Available on Amazon    

Finally, if you’re in need of a cute Christmas joke, here you are:

What are Santa’s helpers – not the Elves – called?

Subordinate Clauses!

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8 thoughts on “Which is first? History? Or culture?

  1. Culture is critical, whether the organization is a business or nonprofit. It dictates how people both inside and outside the organization feel about it–it colors the work environment, attitudes of employees, policy/procedure, public image, and more. The history of a company or group builds the culture…it sets the foundational principles that guide it into the future. So, an organization’s history needs to be carefully curated and preserved, so that those in charge down the road will honor the original precepts that made the organization successful in the first place.
    Q: How much did Santa pay for his sleigh?
    A: Nothing, it was on the house!

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  2. It is very important for everyone to find areas in which they can serve. Your book, Serving with Significance is a an excellent guide for those looking to give more of themselves to worthy causes! Merry Christmas.


  3. First, Thank You for sharing your blog!

    Organizations and Culture … a very interesting prospect for discussion.
    My initial thoughts are that organizations are formed by individuals.
    A single individual may gather others to join in some venture.
    Or a group of individuals who are already interacting will coalesce around a particular interest.

    Either way each individual brings with them a culture of their own or a group with which they are already associated. Parts of each of these preconceived cultures are brought and shared with the new group. Perhaps unwittingly or it could be more mindful.

    O which came first the chicken or the egg; the organization or the culture? We are all products of heritage, surroundings, education, preferences, etc. That is what makes each organization important and unique. And why is is important for each individual to contribute.


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