June 28, 2016, was one of the most exciting days of my life.  It was the day my book, Serving With Significance,  was published!   Since beginning my blog, I’ve had several people ask me to blog a bit about my book.  Today’s a great day for just that!

I will write more about my book in a future blog, because I know many people are even more hurried this week than normal because of Independence Day in the United States at the end of this week.  Because of COVID-19, of course, Independence Day festivities and activities won’t be as normal, but I except there will still be some limited family and close friend celebrations, along with some travel.  So my blog this week is short!

The advice in Serving with Significance is just as important today as it was in 2016.  It might be even more important.

My favorite part of my book changes over time.  Right now, my favorite quote in my book is “The people who mind do not matter.  The people who matter do not mind.”  I heard these words spoken many times my by wise aunt, Mary Stuart Henderson.  I first remember hearing them when I was in either kindergarten or first grade, so when I was 5 or 6 years old. I didn’t  realize, or appreciate, until I was well into my adult years what an exciting life she had led.

Soon after her graduation in 1918 from the East Tennessee Normal School, which is now East Tennessee State University, Mary took the stagecoach from near her parents’ home to Johnson City to catch the train to go to New York City.  It was there she went to graduate school at Barnard College, now part of Columbia University, which is on her diploma.  Whilst she was in school, Mary, who shunned the title “aunt”, worked as a nanny for the John D. Rockefeller family. 

Mary told a story that has impacted my life immeasurably.   For whatever reason, the servant who normally served the Rockefeller family their dinner was unavailable one evening.  Mary offered to stay and serve their dinner.   She was standing outside the dining room, waiting for Mr. John D., as she called him, to ring the bell, signaling it was time for the next course. 

Mary overheard Mr. John D. tell about a recent lunch meeting he had had at the White House. Apparently, the lunch was impromptu, because he was concerned his attire might not be exactly right for a White House luncheon.  In regard to his clothing choice, President Woodrow Wilson told him, “The people who mind do not matter.  The people who matter do not mind”   This advice applies to so many areas of life, and has helped me to be fairly unconcerned about the opinions of other people.

For more wise nuggets, here’s a link to purchase my book from Amazon:

Independence Day Blessings!

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Copyright June 27, 2020 by Rebecca A. Henderson

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