I hope you’ll give a warm welcome to Dr. Anne Littleford, who is my guest blogger this week. Thank you, Anne!

I’ve known Anne since we were in the fourth grade. Anne is a true prayer warrior, a great neighbor and a fabulous friend. I asked Anne to write her own bio for the blog. In Anne’s words:

My family moved to Tennessee when I was in 4th grade, and I’ve lived in this great state ever since.  After college, I married my high school sweetheart and we’ve raised 3 beautiful boys right here in Johnson City.  I began working for Johnson City Schools in 1979 where I found my true professional joy as a French teacher and school administrator.  I retired from full-time work in 2019 but have kept my hand in education through work with Milligan University’s interns and student teachers as well as an occasional substitute teaching assignment when the schools have a need.  I purchased the National League of Junior Cotillion franchise in 2019 where I instruct 5th – 8th graders on manners, etiquette, and social dance.  I am loving my “retired” life!

And here is Anne’s blog, which I found interesting, enlightening and informative. I know you will, too!

I recently phoned Rebecca to ask her advice on connecting with community leaders who could help me advertise the reopening of my National League of Junior Cotillion classes.  (My classes were on a year-long pause due to Covid-19.)  Rebecca, being the go-getter that she is, immediately connected me to specific organizations who might like a presentation regarding Junior Cotillion and   arranged an interview with the Johnson City Press on my behalf.  This is also how I became a guest writer on her blog. I’m ever so grateful to Rebecca!

In my thirty-ninth year as an educator with the Johnson City Schools, I decided it was time to “go to the house” and seek my purpose in a venture that was a bit less time consuming yet still involved students.  My life-long friend, Mindy Meredith Coulter, suggested I purchase the National League of Junior Cotillions franchise for the Johnson City area.  Mindy has been a Junior Cotillion director for twenty years and still loves being a part of such a wonderful organization.  So, with her guidance, I did just that.

For those unfamiliar with the National League of Junior Cotillions, this fabulous organization is a program which trains students and adults in etiquette and social dance.  They offer many options of their platform from early elementary school-age children to professional business people and have franchises in more than 30 states. The Johnson City Chapter is currently a 2-year program for rising 5th – 8th graders with plans to expand as the organization grows.

My learning-journey began when I first attended a new directors’ training in Charlotte where I studied the ins and outs of the program.  (Charlotte is the home of the Corporate Office and the Company’s owner, Charles Winters.) The curriculum is full of etiquette and manners’ lessons as well as social and character education.  In addition to manners and etiquette, the students learn dance steps that might be used at parties, weddings, and social gatherings in the future. 

I entered this adventure with plans to help children learn these important life-skills but present them in a refreshing and entertaining way.  Using nearly forty years of teaching experience and a solid Cotillion curriculum, I put my teaching strategies to work so that the students would enjoy what is being taught and want to return the following year. 

In the 2 years I’ve been involved with the National League of Junior Cotillions, I have met some outstanding students and their families!  I am forever grateful to Mindy, and I pray this nationally successful program will continue to grow in our community!

For those of you in or near Johnson City, I am conducting a Parent Reception at the Carnegie Hotel on Sunday, April 25 at 2:00 and virtually at the same time.  Please feel free to attend to gain knowledge about this amazing organization and see if it’s right for your family.  Or, if you know of anyone who might be interested in more information, please have them contact me at anne.littleford.nljc@gmail.com or visit www.nljc.com/chapter/johnsoncitytn

Copyright March 29, 2021 by Dr. Anne R. Littleford and Rebecca Henderson

5 thoughts on “Welcome, Guest Blogger Dr. Anne Littleford!

  1. Great to see you involved in Cotillion, Dr. Anne! Both of our children went through the program as teens and learned a lot…I even learned some new things I didn’t know before! Emily Post said, ““Beneath its myriad rules, the fundamental purpose of etiquette is to make the world a pleasanter place to live in and you a more pleasant person to live with.” Best wishes to you as you elevate this next generation to a higher level of poise and confidence!


    1. Thank you so much for your comments and well-wishes! I couldn’t agree more with Emily Post’s quote. Hopefully, these Cotillion students will find joy in being that pleasant person and gain the skills and desire to be and do just that.


  2. I am very proud of Dr. Littleford and her lifelong passion of working and teaching our children ,she is another outstanding member of my high school senior class!


    1. Hello Joe! Don’t we have the best high school class! Hopefully, we can gather soon and get to see everyone we’ve been missing!

      Your blog was so inspirational, Joe! We have no idea what people are going through in their personal lives, do we? So happy for you and your family that God lead you to a better place and you listened! I love seeing your precious grandbaby on FB- another blessing from God! Best to you and your family, Joe, and thank you for inspiring us to be faithful and patient as we wait for God’s answer!

      Hope to see you soon!



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