The Dog Days of Summer

I liked this post so much from last year that I’m posting it again, with the slight change of letting you know that the Dog Days of Summer, 2021 are from July 3 until August 11.

According to The Old Farmer’s Almanac website,, in the northern hemisphere, the dog days for 2020 started on July 3 and will end on August 11.  It’s already hot where I am, and I know several places in the United States have already had record-breaking heat.

If he were alive, my father would have been 95 years old yesterday.  And if she were alive, my mother’s mother would have been 138 years old yesterday. Before my grandmother died, I don’t ever remember a two-week span of time encompassing the birthdays that my parents, grandmother and I didn’t spend visiting relatives in Ohio.    

I thought this week would be a nice time to take a break from writing my blog.  I hope you enjoy the picture of Vera who is modeling what it feels like to be a dog in the dog days!  Not only am I not a good photographer, I am a horrible dog groomer! However, Vera feels much better without her long, thick fur and her two undercoats of fun. So please overlook her haircut, which is in the COVID-19 style!

Copyright July 10, 2020, July 2, 2021 by Rebecca Henderson.

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