These are old-fashioned roses. Aunt Alice liked to visit home the weekend before Memorial Day; thankfully she was able to do that until the last 6 or so years of her life. These roses were always in bloom.

Everyone who knew Aunt Alice had very special memories of her.  When I first began to think about writing this blog in celebration of Aunt Alice’s century birthday, I asked several relatives to share their favorite memories of Aunt Alice.  I’m sharing one recollection, the details of which I didn’t know, below.  (More recollections will follow in future blogs.)

Thank you to my cousin, Karen Sheets Hinds, for providing this memory.

Since Aunt Alice lived with us from the time I was born until I was probably 5 or 6, there were many memories.  Aunt Alice moved out when she started dating Uncle Paul, who was Catholic.  (My note:  Karen’s parents didn’t quite approve of Uncle Paul, because of that. A prejudice this country has just about forgotten, thankfully.)

The memory that had the most impact on my life was prior to our wedding.  I remember calling Aunt Alice one day at work, crying because the priest said the last dispensation didn’t come through and we couldn’t get married as planned.

Aunt Alice said, “Come and pick me up.”

I did.  We went straight to the parish priest’s house.  We were getting married in Richmond, Indiana.  (One had to be 21 in Ohio to get married without parental consent.  I was just 19 and marrying a Catholic, which my Mother couldn’t accept, and therefore wouldn’t come to my wedding.  However,  they loved Jim.)

Father Burns from Holy Angels in Dayton, called Father Spaccusi in Richmond and said, “I don’t care what you have to do but you make sure these kids get married as planned.”

So Father Spaccui made sure the pastor went out of town on that Saturday that we got married.

Uncle Paul, who was Aunt Alice’s first husband, gave me away and Aunt Alice was there to make sure everything was in order.  (Uncle Paul died in January, 1976 of liver cancer.)

The reception was held in Aunt Alice’s and Uncle Paul’s home in Kettering.

Jim and I will be married 60 years in this month. Together, we have raised 4 children; ages 57, 56, 53, and 50.  And we are blessed with two adorable granddaughters. 

(My note:  One of my earliest, if not earliest memory, is being at Karen and Jim’s wedding.  I had just turned 3 years old, but I got to catch the bouquet, which I still have.)

Karen continues:  Aunt Alice always had a funny joke and she loved to play games of any kind.  She was a very special, fun  and social lady and was loved by all who knew her. She was my second Mother, she was there for me and I was there for her to the end.  

And since Karen and Jim are celebrating their Diamond Anniversary this month, I wish them Happy Anniversary Blessings!

More memories about Aunt Alice in an upcoming blog!

Copyright, January 30, 2021, Karen Sheets Hinds and Rebecca Henderson

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